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WHERE TO EAT IN NAPLES – This ancient and fascinating city not only hosts the best pizzerias in the world, but it is the right place to try, desserts, coffee, mozzarella and freshly caught fish. Neapolitan cuisine is not made only of pizza the gastronomic tradition is strong skill, rich in flavors and variety. Dishes of earth and sea prepared with passion and simple and fresh ingredients that given the Neapolitan cuisine an unmistakable reputation. The territory is strongly influenced by the gastronomic traditions already in use in antiquity so they also tell the testimonies that have come down to us from the finds found in the area of Pompei.

Trattoria I Gerolomini
Via dei Tribunali, 287
Popular Neapolitan Trattoria, you can taste many typical Neapolitan dishes.
Closed Wednesday
Telephon: 081 441120

Trattoria Napoli da Carmine
Via dei Tribunali, 330

Neapolitan delicacies proposed in a restaurant on hand on 2 levels with exposed bricks and rustic furnishings.
Monday closed
Telephon: 081 294383

Insolito La Pizzeria Gourmet
Via SS. Apostoli, 4
Pizza, calzones and fried foods in an informal restaurant with rustic furnishings, sponged plaster and exposed wooden beams.
Tuesday closed
Telephon: 081 015 3317

A’ Lucianella
Vico Cinquesanti, 29
Neapolitan fish dishes served in a small informal trattoria with wooden furnishings and brick walls.
Open every day for lunch and dinner
Telephon: 081 1809 8016

Pizzeria e trattoria ‘La taverna di Totò’
Via Sanità, 33Napli
Monday closed
Telephon: 081 449020

Trattoria da Nennella
Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo, 103/104/105
Closing day Sunday

Dumplings and meatballs in a rustic restaurant, with paper tablecloths and a basket for tips hanging from the ceiling.
Telephon: 081 414338

La Taverna Del Buongustaio
Via Basilio Puoti, 8
Fish dishes in a no-frills room with caricatures and newspaper articles hanging on the tiled walls.
Open every day
Telephon: 081 1809 8130

Trattoria da Nonna Anna
Via Ferdinando Galiani, 24
Inside the market, open only for lunch, very good, two tables and typical takeaway dishes.

For a hurried but substantial meal and recommended by many of our guests.

Trattoria pizzeria Spaccanapoli
Via San Biagio Dei Librai, 83
Open every day for lunch only
Telephon: 081 262175

Ristorante – Trattoria O’ Munaciello
Piazza del Gesù Nuovo, 26
Pizza and Neapolitan specialties proposed in a rustic trattoria..
Open every day
Telephon: 081 552 1144